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Geographic Analysis

Data with geographic coordinates associated generates useful maps for decision making. These maps make it possible to visualize various aspects of reality and identify spatial patterns on some phenomena of interest. At DEJ Software, we can evaluate, structure, process and generate geographic services to facilitate access to your geographic information. We also develop georeferenced apps that allow you to capture data in the field and manage it in a friendly way according to your needs.

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Development of georeferenced apps and geographic information systems - GIS

Development of geographic apps for the web, mobile or desktop, which help improve business processes inside companies through the use of spatial databases, spatial data captured in the field, georeferenced reports, geographic WEB services, etc. Creation of Geographic Information Systems - GIS that will allow you to centralize management of large volumes of spatial information in an easy, friendly and efficient way.

Geographic information processing

Your company's spatial information is a high-value asset. Therefore, at DEJ Software, we evaluate, standardize, and structure this information so that you can share your data with interested parties. This facilitates decision-making, allows interoperability of your data and eases the publication of your spatial information through web or mobile apps.

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